About MV BioTherapeutics

We are a Swiss microbiome biotherapeutics company, a spin-off from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Bellinzona.

The patent protected Apy platform is a unique mechanism to generate protective immune response against enteric infections and to shape the intestinal microbiota in medical conditions with two applications:

1. ApyraVax with the lead indication of Clostridioides difficile infection
2. ApyraMed with lead indications as immune modulator in cancer and beneficial for the gut ecosystem

Research experiments and preclinical trials are performed in the research lab hosted at IRB.  The company is looking for seed funding in order to move forward as a fully operational company into clinics with the main indications.

MV BioTherapeutics ApyraMed ApyraVax



Fabio Grassi, M.D., Ph.D.

Chairman & CSO

Fabio Grassi, is a leading expert in mucosal immunology.  He earned his degree in Medicine at the University of Pavia and a Ph.D. in Microbiology at the University of Milan. He joined the Institute for Research in Biomedicine  in Bellinzona in 2002  as Head of the Mucosal Immunology lab. His research is focused on understanding mechanisms regulating  the  mucosal adaptive immune response as well as mutualism with intestinal commensals. He is also full professor of Biology at the Medical School of the University of Milan.


Gabriel Haering, Ph.D.


Holds a Ph.D. in Natural Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich (ETHZ). With over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, he joined MV Biotherapeutics as CEO and Board Member in august 2020. Previous most relevant experiences were with Helsinn Advanced Synthesis from 1999 until 2008 as Head Business Development of the CDMO activities of the Helsinn group and Cerbios-Pharma CEO from 2009 until 2020Haering was also active as Board Member of Lipidor (NASDAQ, LIPI.ST) from 2014 until 2020 helping the company changing strategy ready for the successful IPO of September 2019.

Company history



Discovery of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) as a crucial inter-kingdom signaling molecule between the intestinal microbiota and host immune system.



Patent filing in the US, Europe and other major markets on the apyrase (Apy) technology platform.


StartCup Ticino

Second place as EXEAD project at StartCup Ticino conceived by CP Start-up (now Boldbrain), the yearly contest dedicated to Startups with the support of the Canton TicinoFondazione Agire , CP Start-up and Banca Stato.



MicroVaccines SA is incorporated with the goal to move forward into clinical trials with the lead candidates.



MV obtains the exclusive and global license of the Apy technology platform from IRB.


Innosuisse coaching, new company name

MV is approved for core coaching by Innosuisse.

Having more indications and future applications, changed the too specific company name from MicroVaccines to MV BioTherapeutics.


Fund raising

EU patent on Apy technology platform is granted as also in other countries.